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Available Certified Positions

Position: Special Education Teacher- Bright Horizons Supervisor


Job Description:

The program supervisor oversees the daily activities and operations at Bright Horizons, along with other duties assigned by the Executive and County Director. The primary job is to ensure that the school environment is safe for all students and staff members and that all students’ academic and behavioral needs are being met in this school setting. 


Strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills are essential in this position. 


The responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Providing leadership and professional development to the staff

  • Walk-through observations and giving feedback to the teachers

  • Completing student observations and writing reports, 

  • Participating in case conferences, monitoring individualized education plans and compliance dates

  • Implementing and monitoring school policies

  • Working directly with students

  • Maintaining records 

  • Communicate with all necessary stakeholders


Required License: Bachelor's degree in Education (or similar field), preferred experience with behaviors

Locations: Bright Horizons, Wolcottville, Indiana



Beginning Date: Immediate


Deadline for Filing  Application: Open-ended


Application Instructions:

Interested applicants send resumes to Katie Yoder, Steuben County Director, and complete an online application.



Documents Required: Resume, application, current license

License Required:

Bachelor's degree in Education (or similar field), preferred experience with behaviors.

Executive Director Information

Wendy Lane-Ginder

Northeast Indiana Special Education Cooperative

1607 E. Dowling Street

Kendallville, Indiana 46755 


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