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Project SUCCESS Paraprofessional Online Courses:

We are working with Project SUCCESS to offer a free online course designed to support both new and experienced paraprofessionals.


As a participant, you’ll learn to:

  1. Understand your roles and responsibilities;

  2. Improve communication and collaboration between you and the classroom teacher;

  3. Use the right tools to help with assessing students;

  4. Join the classroom teacher in maintaining high expectations for students.

Registering for the Project SUCCESS Paraprofessional Online Courses:

  • If you are not currently a PEPPER user, please sign up here. Every month, on the first of the month, activation emails are sent with instructions on how to create an account. You will then automatically have one free course on your dashboard.

  • If you are an existing PEPPER user, please submit a request to PEPPER support at and ask to be added to the free paraprofessional course (INPARA101).

  • If you have previously registered via the link above, your activation email may have landed in your SPAM or Junk folder. If you are not able to locate it, please do not resubmit the enrollment form. Instead, contact Mary Baker-Boudissa directly at

Online Professional Development Opportunities until end of 2019

Through the end of 2019, IRIS Professional Development Certificates will be FREE! Get started by creating an account on the website. Next, browse the available IRIS STAR Legacy Modules and select the ones that best suit your PD needs. 33 modules now available!!  

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